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  • Tantra Initiation
    The main goal of the Tantra Initiation Course is to recognize who we are. In order to practice sacred sexuality, it is essential to previously recognize who we are. Our nature is eternal and conscious; it is love and acceptance; it is the silence in which the archetype of the cosmic creative principle is able to manifest itself when lovers enter in communion.
    The Tantra Initiation Course comes directly from a self-realized Tantric Master Babaji Kalyan Jay Singh (3/3/1946-7/8/2009). Anyone who receives and practices it, sets forth on the Tantra path of spiritual development, which dates back to 6000 years ago in the Indus Valley in what's now modern India. However, since Tantra has been mostly an orally transmitted tradition, we think its origins lie in the very remote past. Likewise, the most striking feature of these teachings is that they are sustained on Christic energy, a high frequency energy that stimulates the balance and harmony of the inner polarities.
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  • Tantra for couples
    Sexual union is the most intimate act a couple can experience; it is the key to the soul. Sexuality reflects the kind of communication and connection that exists between two partners. That is why through conscious practice, a couple can find a deeper and more authentic union.
    Man and woman are the reflection of the dual nature or the cosmic creative principle. Therefore, when we combine sex, love, and meditation we dive into a very profound exploration who elevates our relationships in all of their dimensions—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. In this workshop, we find out about the benefits of conscious sexuality and healing love, as well as the tools needed to experience it. Classes combine talks about theory and practice. However, everything we explain and practice during class is just a preparation for the exercises participants need do in their intimacy.
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  • Tantra Massage for couples
    Sexual energy is life force at a certain frequency. At its densest level it is a sensation located on our genitals. At its most subtle level is a state of ecstasy that expands throughout our body and beyond. Tantra massage teaches us to generate this energy and to refine it in such a way that we can use it to increase the life force of the body and therefore elevate our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Thus, sexual energy is a powerful potential that allows us to release the blockages of our body and expand our consciousness.
    To refine the sexual energy it is necessary to enter a deep state of meditation and therefore of relaxation. This state of interiorization is what allows to alchemize Sexual energy and transform it into ecstasy and inner oneness. So, sex and ecstasy are different frequencies of the same energy. At the internal level we will experience how a simple sensation located on our genitals becomes a deep state of Ecstasy and unity.
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  • Tantra for women
    Through the cult to the Goddess Mother Earth in antiquity we get a glimpse of the values, characteristics, and qualities of the universal feminine principle. The recognition of the feminine values and spiritual energies were materialized by the Priestesses of the Goddess in their temples. In these sanctuaries there were women who lived dedicated to the Great Goddess and to sacred sexuality, as a result of a traditional wisdom that dates back to great antiquity.
    This workshop is aimed at all women who wish to discover their most deep-rooted feminine nature, to get to know themselves as they are, and to reclaim their own power in order to create union with the oposed Masculine principle.
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  • Initiatic Trips
    There are places in our planet that are known as power sites that act as powerful centers for initiation and expansion of conscienceness. In the Tantric texts of India these places are marked by myths and legends, and are known as "tîrthas" or "pîthas." We can also find this kind of knowledge in European esoteric traditions, and they are the source of inspiration for the megalithic culture found throughout the old world.
    Here you can find an introduction of the TRIPS we take to Montserrat, the Pyrenees, the South of France, and India. If you'd like to have more detailed information about these trips, write us at sarafarre@hotmail.com.
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