Aliam offers meditation and Tantra workshops for people with or without a partner
About Aliam
Aliam was born as a result of the encounter with Enlightened Master Kalyan Jay Singh (Varanasi, March 3, 1946 - August 7, 2009). From him I received the Tantra Transmission which has survived for centuries in India until now through the teachings given and received from master to disciple. Likewise, at the age of 20 I started to have memories of a past ife where I was initiated in Tantra. These memories followed one another until I was 25 years old and represented a profound teaching and preparation for the teachings of Kalyan.
Tantra a path of spiritual self-realization
Tantra tells us that behind the desire of falling in love lies a deep longing for spiritual self-realization. That means that the state of infatuation is a State of Consciousness that we can attain and stay in. Thus, Tantra gives us the keys to become Perfect Lovers as a path of Self-realization. Beyond this ultimate goal, however, Tantra brings understanding, joy, and peace to our relationships.
Tantra is a resolute yes to life
Tantra considers our world as something divine. Therefore, any aspect of life contains the imprint and wisdom of the spirit. Our relationships are a reflection of the duality in the cosmos; they are the representation on earth of the cosmic principles of creation and universal love. Therefore, when we approach our relationships and sexual encounters in a conscious, sacred manner, we immerse ourselves in a deep exploration that opens the door to many physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits.
Cosmic Creative principle
According to Hindu tradition, the world was created by two opposite and complementary polarities: Shiva and Shakti. Shiva represents the Supreme Consciousness. Shakti represents the Supreme Energy. The union of man and woman represents the manifestation of this archetype on Earth. That is why through conscious relationships we can discover the secrets of life, death and Creation.
Where to begin
In order to begin this journey, we suggest an itinerary adapted to the needs of each participant. However, it is essential to start with the Tantra for all workshops that are hapenning every two weeks at the moment.