Aliam offers meditation and Tantra workshops for people with or without a partner
About Aliam
Aliam was born as a result of the encounter with Enlightened Master Babaji Kalyan Jay Singh (Varanasi, March 3, 1946 - August 7, 2009). From him, in complete silence, Sara received the Tantra Transmission, or sacred sexuality, which has survived for centuries in India until now through the teachings given and received from master to disciple. From Babaji Kalyan we also received our Christic initiation, thereby activating our Christic Being, which is the consciousness of being one and a high frequency energy. Thus, this discipline is the result of several techniques that teach us how to elevate our sexual energy as we are bathed in the Christic energy of One.
Tantra is a resolute yes to life
Tantra considers our world as something divine. Therefore, any aspect of life contains the imprint and wisdom of the spirit. Our relationships are a reflection of the duality in the cosmos; they are the representation on earth of the cosmic principles of creation and universal love. Therefore, when we approach our relationships and sexual encounters in a conscious, sacred manner, we immerse ourselves in a deep exploration that opens the door to many physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits.
The main focus of our courses centers around the joy of experiencing each process beyond objectiveness. Transformation is achieved by becoming aware and deeply accepting of who we are, not that which we should be. Therefore, we generate change in a natural way. Because evolving and growing are inherent to human beings, we just need to let this natural growth impulse manifest itself and flow.
Where to Begin
In order to begin this journey, we suggest an itinerary adapted to the needs of each participant. However, it is essential to start with the Tantra Initiation Course, because it lays the foundation that allows us to tackle more advanced courses.
What is the Christic Energy?
The Christic energy can be received as an Initiation or as healing. It awakens the potential dormant in every human being to realize the cosmic consciousness also known as Christic consciousness. In the same way, this energy stimulates the balance and harmony of the inner polarities. It is the unión of our inner man and inner woman. Therefore, the Christic energy favors the conquest of this state of Unity during the sacred sexual union. On the other hand, those who have activated their Christic being, although they have not realized the Christic consciousness, are the bearers or receivers of the codes, of the seeds of the new Man, of the new Woman, of the new Humanity and the new Earth. This codes are transmitted through the christic consciousness grid. The Tantra Initiation course activates your Christic being and connects you to this network by increasing your frequency and promoting your development. In the same way, this initiation allows you to activate and interact with this network and therefore contribute to the great Planetary Service of bringing heaven to earth.